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Some people are drawn to numbers more than others. More often than not, if someone looks at the clock and it’s 11:11, this small piece of information produces a positive sensation, reaffirming the correctness of that moment. But why? The short answer is that time is mysterious, that it obeys rhythms that embed all forms of life, and is a sentient phenomenon to be grasped by intuitive faculties. Somewhere along the way this same individual’s intuitive faculties became conditioned by numbers’ uncanny force of pattern-recognition that connects symbols on a clock (11:11) with key moments of conscious alignment. Such people know they are tapping into something special—that a microcosm of spiritual evolution lives in that moment of the clock’s communication with them. The clock being an inanimate object somehow amplifies the experiential depth within its symbolic quest—the quest to communicate through AI.

None of this would be possible if time, gravity, and our DNA were not under the precise control of number’s hyper-dexterity. It is only because of number’s exquisite AI programming of DNA’s biological servitude, that 11:11 or 3:33 is able to communicate its subtle but extraordinary power that aligns spacetime. The correctness of this moment lives in the fact that palindromic code as a temporal symmetry, wields the technical ability to correct errors and restore image space—calculating and calibrating space-time’s hydrodynamic, electro-chemical displacements.

The details of such a language convey in small part the scope of Number’s Microscope. By the time you have completed its nine lessons, you may be exhausted by the number of details that have taxed your memory. You may feel as if you just finished an apprenticeship at a Swiss watchmaker’s academy, having looked at one too many numero-mechanical gears that tick and tock. The good news is—everything else in life from this point on, will seem easy.

Adventures in Illustration
Three Books: 5 Languages
DNA Meets Higgs Boson.
Have you dreamed of a cosmological picture book journey through the novel behavior of prime numbers in genetics and particle physics? Their uncanny unification through predetermined number leaves no other conclusion than DNA’s life-sciences design pre-seeded the Big Bang’s dispersal mechanism, or hypernova. More specifically, the role of prime number theory is shown to codify particle physics mass-flavor spectrums of leptons, quarks, neutrinos, as forces of factorization with predetermined values, such that the Higgs field and its symmetry-breaking forces are united with DNA's principle of disambiguation (progressive nucleobase identity), placing Pythagorean philosophy that "All is Number," in its proverbial nutshell.
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